small vacations


I am back from my little vacations. It was fun, sun and salty. I’ll post some more … later.

jezik za vse, ki vas ni bilo zraven

In the mean time you can check photos from last weekend’s psy festival in forests between Idrija and Cerkno. It was really nice festival with very good vibes. And this is what it counts, isn’t it? I hope that our little Slovenia gets more of them. Article is here.

By the way, I made category ENGLISH that will allow non Slovenian readers easier browsing.

Talk to you later! 😉


  1. Jooj, kdaj boste meli v Sloveniji vsaj 24°C?!? V Valenciji jih je bilo toliko ze ta teden!! I don’t wanna go back, I don’t wanna go back…

    Lep pozdrav v mrzlo podalpsko dezelo! Brrr.


    Všeč mi je

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