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SUSAK 28 junija 2007

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After a few years of thinking about going to island Susak I finally made it. Sometimes it is incredible how tough can be to get company for vacations. For vacations?! But today on our news they said that we are in a peak for working too much among EU members. Let alone not using annual holiday, but also having even 400hrs per year EXTRA?!!?

No comment. I already said what I think about that.

Let’s forget about work, lay your beautiful eyes on my pictures from sunny Croatian island where there is no cars, just tractors and wheelbarrow. I have to mention the specialty of this island: it has sandy beaches and sandy soil, vineyards and around five surnames among 200 permanent inhabitants. In one thing people from Susak differ from other Croatians … if they speak their mother tongue they are not understood. Hardly a word or two. Seriously! It is unbelievable until you hear that!


pesek in morje




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