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kosmatinec 28 novembra 2009

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Te dni se pobira kivi.


v objemu iglavcev 25 novembra 2009

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Smrek je v našem prostoru preveč. To je dejstvo. To so pa slike.



Nekateri pravijo, da je tu konec sveta. Jaz verjamem, da je konec sveta v naši omejenosti. 🙂 Je pa lepo tu.


3some 18 novembra 2009

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I was in Verona, Italian city that Shakespeare made it famous with tragic romantic story of Romeo and Juliet. Under the famous balcony I caught unfaithful Juliet in threesome with an older couple with a spectator! I wonder what would Romeo say??


Rdeče zeleno seka 16 novembra 2009

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zeleno - rdece


rdece zeleno



Feferoni 14 novembra 2009

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Moji feferoni še kar rastejo, saj umetna toplota (aka radiator) skrbi, da se lepo barvajo na rdeče.

chili peppers


Avokado 12 novembra 2009

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Po polletnem stagniranju na pol v zemlji na pol zunaj in v konstantnih bojih s psico, katere hobi je razturavanje cvetličnih lončkov in je med drugim kriva tudi za pogrom bazilike, je pognal avokado!

poganjek avokada


Hostels in Maribor 10 novembra 2009

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There are not many hostels in Maribor. Actually there are only two left, after Alibi, beautiful Art Nouveau building, was shut down. First one is hostel Uni, right in the center of Maribor. It is not a typical hostel, maybe it looks much more like a hotel, but its location is simply the best. And staff? Very nice, you can arrange many things, they let you sleep longer than their check out time, if you ask them.

The other one is called Lollipop. I can’t really decide, weather is it a girlish name or a porno name, but the fact is, that this is an apartment of an older British lady. She is offering 2 rooms filled with beds, living room and a kitchen. But beware, that is HER kitchen. I realized it is not really healthy staying in the same appartment where you have beds to let. You take things too personal. To make long story short, we had a really bad experience in this hostel, because of a very nervous owner, that you can’t really avoid, if you stay there.