Happy December

Happy December is here. Freezing in the old town of Ljubljana with so called ‘cooked wine’ that is actually half wine, half water with a lot of sugar in your hands. Preferably for the price of one litter of wine in the shop. Ljubljana is already decorated and tons of people everywhere.  Buying something so basic as food in December can be quite a task, since there are soooo many people buying piles of everything. And they talk about recession?!

I wish you all:

– no shopping at all (If you are anything like I am, it will make you crazy these days. Not to mention gifts are much more appreciated if are made by you or are selected in good shop (like Madeinslovenija.net of course 😉 ),

– good warm wine or mead (you are welcome to bring your thermos flask along),

– warm blanket (I think I need a new one),

– many good parties,

– and I wish you (me?) that the summer would be here earlier this year.

– Last but not least I wish you not to get any stupid firecracker anywhere on you or near you.

Yeey, the party month is here!


  1. Good to have you back, my dear….

    You mean mulled wine? Guhl sound very German… I got it, wiki explains it all (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mulled_wine)
    anyway…that is why I said “so called ‘cooked’ wine”

    Acctually people…start using your head… spending money is just nourishing the system that got us to so called crisis. Are you asking yourself why I said so called?
    Because this system likes this crisis…it got rid of the workers rights, workers are in the name of crisis ready to work more for less… and sooooooo on.


    Všeč mi je

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